Taylor developed the Stella branding, not JKR

The article Winning brew (DW 15 June), linking national character and a country’s beers, hit some good points.

However, I should like to point out that the Stella Artois branding and bottle you showed was originally designed by David Taylor for Interbrew (now InBev) in 1989. It has remained essentially the same, and JKR and other design groups have since that time developed packaging designs for their local markets using the elements of that identity.

I would echo Dave Brown’s recommendation that companies ‘make packaging design authentic and communicate through advertising’. The Stella Artois design of 1989 was inspired by the original 1926 Stella Artois bottle and also takes elements from the brand’s history at the Den Horen (The Horn) brewery. The cartouche around the brand name echoes the Flemish architecture of the city of Leuven, where the brand originates. This attachment to tradition has enabled the branding to last for more than 16 years.

Advertising fulfils a different role from design and enables the brand message to be reinforced and adapted to different markets. However, a well-designed, authentic brand reflecting its origins generally lies at the core of success – at least in the drinks business.

Robin Joy, Director, Taylor Design, Richmond, Surrey TW9 1AE

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