StartJG creates “understanding” new brand identity for finance company

The consultancy has rebranded United Arab Emirates finance company Gulf Finance, to help highlight it as an “innovative” company rather than a “bank”.

StartJG has rebranded a United Arab Emirates finance company with the aim of showing that it offers a sense of “customer understanding”.

Gulf Finance looks to help small and medium-sized enterprises – SMEs – and micro businesses grow financially through products and services like loans, deposits and advice.


The consultancy created a new visual identity and brand strategy for the company, which aimed to show Gulf Finance is a “responsive, innovative financing company as opposed to a bank”, says Mike Curtis, CEO at StartJG.

The new brand positioning looks to convey “customer understanding”, says StartJG, through the slogan “Small Business is our Business” and by providing “simpler and quicker” financing solutions.


The visual identity includes white typography on a purple background, with a green Arabic script logo.

Curtis says: “We wanted to create a brand that would reflect the spirit of Gulf Finance’s employees and customers and at the same time set it apart from its peers.”

The project, which has just launched, took over two years to complete.

Gulf Finance was originally founded as Emirates Finance Company in 1997, before the name was changed to Gulf Finance Corporation in 1998.

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