29 March 2007

Bamboo in black

Bisazza pizzazz

It’s a small, family-owned company, but Bisazza claims to have the perfect product, so why shouldn’t it mix with upmarket global fashion names in posh LA showrooms? Clare Dowdy looks at a quintessential Italian brand

Skin paper

Perfect sheen

Creating new papers is often a matter of making subtle changes to impove visual and tactile qualities and achieve standout. Gina Lovett checks out the innovative strategies of some of the key European paper manufacturers

Michael Wolff

RNIB publishes guidelines for accessible design

The Royal National Institute of the Blind is launching a set of guidelines specifically for the design industry, aiming to encourage designers to produce material that is legible by people with sight problems.See it Right is being published as a book, CD-ROM and DVD and will be targeted at people working across the design process […]

Heritage Motor Centre

Heritage Motor Centre in £250 000 makeover

Warwickshire’s Heritage Motor Centre is to reopen in May, showcasing an exhibition designed by Haley Sharpe Design and a modernised site developed by Metz Architects.Leicester consultancy Haley Sharpe Design was appointed to the project last December, following a two-way pitch against an undisclosed London group. Work began in January, with about £250 000 of funding […]

Living Paintings logo

Arts charity uses Johnson Banks for ‘tactile’ refresh

Johnson Banks has rebranded arts charity The Living Paintings Trust with a fresh identity that launches this week.The Living Paintings Trust will now be known simply as Living Paintings.The charity helps the visually impaired to enjoy traditional art through specially created tactile and audio media, which are distributed across the UK to galleries, libraries, schools […]

la Alberca #6

Reality check

Have designers actually been getting through to consumers? Has tasteful, contemporary styling really had its day? Judging by a couple of new books, this is the case. Designers, beware, the Ugly Betty design effect could be taking hold. Living Normally comes with the strapline (or should that be the health warning?) ‘where life comes before […]

Fractal Cloud

Profile: Arik Levy

Fond of fanciful and philosophical justifications for his work, Arik Levy is nevertheless hands-on and capable of producing challenging work for demanding clients


Graffiti keeps pushing the art and design envelopes

In response to Roy Johnson’s e-mail regarding boycotting graffiti (DW 22 March), it is absurd to be so prejudiced about an artform, especially for a Design Week reader. There is a huge difference between kids tagging in the street and graffiti artists. Graffiti still pushes the envelopes in design and typography to new levels, more […]

Industry plays a critical role in design education

In response to Jonathan Baldwin’s letter (DW 1 March) and the recent reply by Tom Bewick at C&CS, I would like to know which utopian place Baldwin resides in, as my colleagues, friends and fellow tutors would certainly like to spend our time there.

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