Graffiti keeps pushing the art and design envelopes

In response to Roy Johnson’s e-mail regarding boycotting graffiti (DW 22 March), it is absurd to be so prejudiced about an artform, especially for a Design Week reader.

There is a huge difference between kids tagging in the street and graffiti artists. Graffiti still pushes the envelopes in design and typography to new levels, more so than any other design style. It is a true freeform style that doesn’t have the usual rules and ‘accepted’ norms of design. You can see influences in print, video, advertising, Web and any other form of visual design, so obviously manufacturers are going to latch on to what is popular.

I really am quite disgusted that people can have such a small-minded view of things, especially as many true graffiti ‘artists’ have broken through to the graphic design world, producing some of the freshest and most original work I’ve scene in years (Scrawl Collective, 123 klan, the urban vinyl scene and so on). To say they’re ‘vandals’ is ridiculous.

Surely a commercial outlet for graffiti is a way to help writers progress and move off tagging in the street – wouldn’t a member of an anti-graffiti association support it? But I guess some people can’t see past their own prejudiced, ill-informed views.

I suggest Johnson and his ‘anti-graffiti association’ do a little more research into graffiti, its roots and outlets.

Mark Holland, Creative Design, by e-mail

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  • roy johnson November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    You don’t seem to get the point here.
    We are in favour of art but however you look at it, graffiti is illegal and should not be condoned.
    You even highlight the word ‘artist’ after graffiti so you clearly see there is a differance.

    By all means encourage art in any style you wish but do not glorify something that is against the law. The use of graffiti as a style in advertising merely shows how little imagination some Companies have. Why not try to come up with something new and exciting instead of following the crowd, merely because someone in advertising once had the idea that graffiti was cool.

  • claire November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    difference not differance!

  • chrissy November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    i find your coment reasonable but i must say that as much as you believe graffiti is following the crowd i beg to differ people use graffiti to symbolise things to get messages across and yes it is illegal but it is beautiful it is art and it can be seen all around the world graffiti is modern the youth of today see constantly they aspire to it why not make places legal to graffiti and maybe you wouldnt have things to ocmplain about.

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