Inter Milan reveals new logo in “streamlined” rebrand

The new crest is a modern interpretation of its historic logo and will tap into a more international and younger audience, the club says.

Inter Milan has revealed a new logo as part of a wider identity update that hopes to reach a more international and youthful audience.

Munich-based design studio Bureau Borsche has designed the new look for the club, which last updated its crest in 2014.

inter milan new logo
Courtesy of Inter Milan

The new logo will appear on kits after the end of the current season. It’s being accompanied by a campaign which hopes to promote the club’s founding values, according to Inter.

“The aim is to make the Inter brand more relevant and recognisable beyond its fanbase and to allow a younger and international audience to identity with the values of inclusion, style and innovation,” the club says of the rebrand.

“Streamlined and minimalist” new look

inter milan rebrand
Design background of the new logo. Courtesy of Inter Milan

The new logo puts the club’s initials front-and-centre and ties into a new narrative of ‘I M’, based on the English ‘I am’. The ‘FC’ meanwhile has been removed, though it remains a part of the club’s name and identity, Inter says.

The club says that the new crest is a modern interpretation which presents the club in a “more streamlined and minimalist guise”. It adds that it’s more adaptable in the age of entertainment.

While this narrative is new, the ‘I M’ feature dates back to Giorgio Muggiani’s original design and remain framed in concentric circles. Inter adds that the new design has a “90% similarity to the club’s very first crest” though the update is particularly well-suited for digital screens.

Courtesy of Inter Milan

While the black and blue colour palette remain, the shades are been made “more vibrant and vivid”, according to Inter. The pair of colours were chosen back in 1908 to represent the sky and the night, according to the club.

The primary typeface is Giorgio Bold, which is used in the logo. A secondary typeface – Univers Roman 55 – is used for copy.


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The club’s new visual identity will roll out across new merchandise immediately as well as at physical locations such as the club’s office in Milan. There are also social media features which use the new ‘I M’ narrative.

The club’s new campaign also uses the ‘I M’ narrative and accompanies it with the brand values. Examples include: ‘I M Brave’, ‘I M Power’ and ‘I M Rebel’. It’s being rolled out with figures from the worlds of sport, entertainment and culture, such as actress Matilde Gioli and rapper Tedua.

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  • Rony April 2, 2021 at 2:15 pm

    I think it’s better than juventus rebranding.

  • Neil Jensen April 5, 2021 at 9:35 am

    To me, it doesn’t look radical enough – Inter’s crest/logo was fairly simplistic in any case, this does seem a bit cosmetic. The colour palette looks more defined, though, a brighter version of the black and blue. I get the rationale, Juventus have set the ball rolling in Italy with their “ownership” of the letter J. Inter are desperate to move back into the elite band of clubs in Europe – this is clearly designed to accompany that push. It’s inoffensive, but perhaps a little more boldness??

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