Bird’s Eye Wall’s is extending its Calippo brand with the launch of “krrunshed” ice drinks. Packaging for these and two variants to the ice stick range is by Brown Inc.

Neal Potter has been awarded a visiting professorship in museum and exhibition design by the University of Lincolnshire and Humberside, marking the 50th anniversary of its museum and exhibition design course.

Talisman Communications is expanding its team with the appointment of Ragini Varia as deputy design manager.

Marketplace Design is to develop a retail scheme for Grovelands, a Reading garden centre. Comprising a masterplan for the shop, new identity, signage and merchandising, the project will be carried out in stages over a number of years. Work starts next month.

For the designers of the BBC’s 75 years celebratory CD-ROM, the problem was what material to leave out rather than what to include. The disc, which will be sent to schools, colleges and libraries, is being designed by Wiltshire group Mouse Power Multimedia. It is intended to provide a dynamic and deeply nostalgic overview of life during eight decades of the twentieth century, BBC-style. On each decade’s screen, historic moments are featured. To represent the 1960s, the cursor activates precious moments including a Jimi Hendrix guitar riff, and Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech.

The British Film Institute has appointed interior and graphics group Peter Leonard & Company to rebrand the café bar of the Museum of the Moving Image on London’s South Bank. On-site work has started, with a provisional re-opening date of 15 September.

Vivid Creative Consultants is to design the 1996 Parcelforce annual review for the third year running.

The image pictured is created by high frequency oscillating LED lights which trace out a message on the eye’s retina. This is only seen when the viewer looks away and least expects it, according to iC Holographic, the consultancy which created the ‘blipvert’ to promote the 555 cigarette brand. Commissioned by Bates Dorland’s below-the-line agency One Four One, iC Holographic’s art director Chris Levine has developed both the blipvert and a ‘virtual video’, the latter a way of showing 16 frames of animation based on the 555 identity. Both marketing tools are destined for use in the Far East.

The Times’ in-house designers David Driver and David Curless will oversee the new, more “relaxed” look for The Times on Saturday, to be unveiled this autumn.

National Gallery Publications, the retail trading arm of the National Gallery, has appointed Rise to design its three mail order catalogues after a seven-way free creative pitch.

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