Feel to take new condom brand to UK

Consultancy Feel is refreshing the identity and packaging for one of Eastern Europe’s leading condom brands, Cool.The consultancy is repositioning the brand to widen its appeal, making it more unisex and increasing its relevance to a younger audience.The branding, which includes a brighter colour palette and new illustrations, will be applied to advertising, communications and […]

Savile Row Bespoke to trademark logo

Savile Row Bespoke, the consortium of tailoring businesses on the famous London street, is trademarking its logo (pictured) to extend its use as a mark of authenticity.The identity was created in 2004 by The Chip Factory. It has since been pressed into service by tailors to prove they follow certain rules of suit manufacture, as […]

Slovenia’s global industrial design show

An exhibition of industrial design from 19 countries around the world will open in Slovenian capital Ljubljana in October, but just one British project will be among the works on show.Peter Crnokrak, the sole British designer shortlisted for Bio, Slovenia’s well-established design biennial, believes that more British designers and students should enter what he views […]

Historic Covent Garden visuals

Long unseen images by a young photographer learning his trade recall a commercial and social culture that has disappeared. Hugh Pearman is touched by their evocation of a time when London’s bustling streetscape could be a haven of tranquilityMy heart sank at first. Oh god, not another picture book about a picturesque corner of London, […]

The best design blogs

As people’s thirst for information, gossip and opinion about design becomes almost insatiable, so more and more senior designers with voices worth listening to are dabbling in the art of personal blogs, says Hannah BoothThe design world has its share of well-established websites, from high-brow, on-line journals such as www.designobserver.com to magazine-style websites like dezeen.com. […]

Large-format practicalities

You’d think large-format work was just a matter of scale, but there are many practical issues to resolve before designers can realise their creative solutions. Design Week looks at three recent projects that overcame the obstaclesA giant Rubik’s Cube, a 36m sail and a 30m-high, 70m-wide retail wrap. These are just three recent large-format projects […]

Thomas Pink

Thomas Pink has opened its first White Shirt Bar, designed to help customers compare cut, collar and tailoring details. The format, conceived by retail consultancy Yellowdoor and implemented by architect Brand & Allen, sits within the brand’s flagship sto

Digital Boston

WPP has appointed Digital Boston president Torrence Boone as chief executive of Project Da Vinci, its new global consultancy being assembled to meet the worldwide marketing needs of its first client, Dell.

The trial trail

Long before a design goes into production, long before the marketing and PR kick in, and long before it gets seen at a trade fair, it’s just an idea in the head of a designer. They might sketch it and make a scale model, and even get so far as a prototype to see if […]

Branding consultancy Curious

Branding consultancyCurious has produced acampaign featuring posters,advertising, website designand direct mail and 64-page showguide for home accessories tradefair Pulse, which runs from 1-3June at London’s Earls Court.

Out with the old, in with the new

Rebranding your own branding consultancy is not as easy as it might sound. In fact, it’s probably the hardest task of all, says Paul BeanWe are consultants in this industry, so we know how things work and how they don’t. There is a certain level of expectation associated with everything we do, particularly if it […]

Access all areas

While Design Prima addresses the mainstream market, the mixed-ability sector is showing bright ideas. However, that’s only if accessibility is treated as a creative challenge, not a costly obligation, Trish Lorenz reportsIf you are blind, wheelchair-bound or have other physical or sensory impairments, the world of work can feel out of bounds/ there are few […]

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