Feel to take new condom brand to UK

Consultancy Feel is refreshing the identity and packaging for one of Eastern Europe’s leading condom brands, Cool.

The consultancy is repositioning the brand to widen its appeal, making it more unisex and increasing its relevance to a younger audience.

The branding, which includes a brighter colour palette and new illustrations, will be applied to advertising, communications and packaging later this month.

The inspiration behind the new look is about ‘bringing the condom from the medicine cabinet into the beauty bag’, says Feel creative director Victoria Gallardo.

The colour palette for the new designs, which includes red, gold, turquoise and orange with illustrations depicting how a couple might meet, are aimed at making condoms more accessible for young people.

Cool is owned by the commercial arm of the International Planned Parenthood Foundation, a charity that advocates universal access to contraceptives. Feel was appointed two years ago without a pitch on the back of a long-term working relationship with IPPF.

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