Springpoint takes tourism to the farm

Springpoint is creating a brand to boost farm tourism in the West Country. Tourism is now seen as an important source of income by many farmers as they are forced to diversify to survive.

The group was appointed by Farm Tourism 2000 – a new initiative led by farming members of the tourist industry and the West Country Tourist Board.

“Our ultimate aim is to create a brand image for farm tourism which will generate enthusiasm and new business in the region, and promote a positive image nationwide,” says Springpoint client services director Vanessa Lumby.

In conjunction with Farm Tourism 2000, Springpoint will carry out additional research on attractions, accommodation and food in the farm sector.

“The outputs from Farm Tourism 2000’s programme will help to secure a vital part of many farmers’ incomes and will constitute a cash lifeline to help revitalise a critical sector of the industry for the next millennium,” says a Springpoint spokeswoman.

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