Caulder Moore crafts interiors for celebrity stylist Andrew Barton

Caulder Moore has designed the interior of celebrity hairdresser Andrew Barton’s flagship salon in London’s Covent Garden, which will be rolled out across other ‘key UK locations’.

Barton, best known as a stylist on TV makeover show Ten Years Younger, appointed the consultancy in April after inviting it to a credentials pitch.

A brief was developed for an interior that would reflect Barton’s ‘celebrity personality’, taking cues from the tone of voice of his product range.

Caulder Moore creative director Ian Caulder says his response was ‘a modern take on retro English design, with comic overtones’.

Graduated hues of grey are being applied to the building’s facade, mirroring the colour of Barton’s product range, which is displayed in the salon window.

The grey is carried on inside, where modern and Victorian furniture has been sourced for the reception area, and where a large porcelain dog is displayed.

A stairwell, linking salons on two floors, has been reshaped to form a square landing, with walnut handles and spindles. Stairs are clad in tiles, graded from grey to green.

Details from 1950s salons have been integrated with modern and Victorian elements throughout the building.

‘There is a row of hood dryers, as a tongue-in-cheek, nostalgic take on hairdressing,’ says Caulder.

This is coupled with a wall-sized picture of ‘gossipy women’ in 1950s garb flicking through magazines.

Dog-style wallpaper is used extensively throughout, and hand-drawn sketches are being commissioned by the consultancy for the walls, as well as prints from photoshoots of Barton’s models.

‘There’s some more colour too – teal greens and mustard colours will contrast with the muted greys,’ says Caulder.

Styling stations with etched framed styling mirrors run the length of the salon, and a wash area uses encaustic tiles ‘to create a homely feel’, says Caulder. The salon opens on 12 November.

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