Inspired – Paul Mullins

Lance Armstrong, cycling legend, at 25 ranked number one in the world. He is diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer and given a less than 50 per cent chance of survival. He beats it, coming back even stronger, going on to win the Tour de France a record seven times. This is an amazing feat for anyone and quite incredible for someone who was scheduled to ‘check out’ three years earlier. I’ve just rediscovered the challenges, joys and pain of road cycling, and you can’t help but be inspired by this guy.

At work, what inspires me? In the same way as Mr Armstrong did, extraordinary people inspire me. One of the ‘by-products’ of being a retail designer is that you meet people engaged in the process of being challenged, starting new businesses, moving into new markets, meeting the demands of a new economic world.
In order for these people/clients to get any real value out of you, they have to draw you in and give you access to their world. Their vision, enthusiasm, excitement and energy is infectious and inspiring.

It inspires you to dig deep and deliver your best as a designer. This hothouse is where all great conceptual work is formed, and it’s probably the best thing about the job.

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