UK creative skills are still in demand on the global stage

In response to your Voxpop on which countries are coming out of recession fastest (DW 22 October), we are seeing sentiment improving across Asia and the Middle East, but we are not necessarily seeing green shoots of recovery.

We think today’s levels of economic activity are likely to remain more or less static through 2010. This said, UK creative excellence is very much sought-after, and we are growing our business in our international markets while the UK remains challenging.

It is important to remember that in certain countries, such as China, the economic downturn is in evidence, but it has resulted in a slowdown of growth, but with positive growth nonetheless, as opposed to negative growth in so many parts of the world.

Some sectors appear to be doing better than others, notably education, technology, health, and sport and leisure. Infrastructure projects in the developing world are accelerating and marketing spend appears to be holding up as well.
Mike Curtis, Chief executive, Start Creative, London W1

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