Cut and paste culture

Resfest, the annual international digital film festival, showcasing the latest trends in digital film-making, returns to the UK with a new addition to its usual line up. The festival, which tours seven cities in the UK and Ireland, is keen to present itself in an ever more design-focused light this year, and while the existing programme, By Design, looks at innovations in the world of motion graphics and broadcast design, Cut & Paste concentrates on the combination of different concepts, programs and techniques in digital film-making and design. Focusing on remix culture, it showcases shorts and music videos, making use of a variety of multi-media programs, to combine textures, and to stitch together and repurpose elements of the everyday world. The clips range from video mash-ups to handmade animations, and include: a remix of the Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night with Jay-Z performing Encore in The Grey Video; the journey of a hitchhiker from the other side of the internet in Guy101; and a video of a kitchen being transformed into a massive percussion device called Kitchen. America’s Biggest Dick, by US director Bryan Boyce, uses a public appearance by vice president Dick Cheney, but substitutes Al Pacino’s expletives, from the film Scarface, to hilarious effect.

Resfest London runs from 27 September to 2 October at the National Film Theatre, before visiting Glasgow, Dublin, Belfast, Nottingham, Bristol and Sheffield.

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