Public sector must simplify procurement process…

Having read the articles and letters about Government procurement and rosters, I must admit I’m still taken aback by the whole process. Having recently joined a consultancy with more than ten years of experience of working with public sector clients, I have already completed several tender documents, subscribed to a tender notification service on-line and queried the bizarre questions they ask.

Can’t we simply have a generic pre-qualification process that everyone completes just once?

This would leave more time for consultancies to present a detailed representation of what they do, and how they do it, rather than the lengthy and often irrelevant, faceless forms.

We could also use the Web to speed up the process.

We understand the importance of this kind of work, but worry that the bright new companies of the future will miss opportunities, leaving it to the ‘specialists’.

Mike Brooke, Business development manager, Tempo Graphic Design, London SE1

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