Arthur Steen Horne Adamson redesigns Rules for the Conduct of Life

Arthur Steen Horne Adamson has designed a modern make-over for Rules for the Conduct of Life, a book given to those who become freemen of the City of London.

The book, which was originally authored by former Lord Mayor Sir John Barnard in 1740, has been rewritten by Canon David Parrott, the Guild Vicar of St Lawrence Jewry in the City.

The book provides advice on ‘living the high-life without being a low life’ and ‘making money without losing friends’.

ASHA was commissioned by Canon Parrott to work on the project in the summer. It has created a series of limited-edition dust covers for the book, which highlight individual rules.

Marksteen Adamson, partner at ASHA, says, ‘It was important for us to modernise this book while still maintaining its traditional values and heritage. Every aspect of the design and tone of voice has been put in place to add value, credibility and desirability. The main objective was to ensure people would read it and then hopefully act on it.’

As part of the project, ASHA has also created a new identity for St Lawrence Jewry, which is used on the books and will also be used more widely by the church.

St Lawrence was martyred on a gridiron, and the gridiron is referenced in the identity.

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