Here’s a spoof to treasure – and hands off Ambridge


In your Voxpop last week (DW 25 November) you asked which TV or radio series should be revived. My choice isn’t exactly a show, but, for the ultimate branding challenge, it has to be Mornington Crescent, the spoof game featured on Radio 4’s I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue which taps right into that innate British sense of fun.

It’s indefinable, random and chaotic. It satirises complicated strategy while appearing to play by the rules. And it already has a multimedia cult following – it is played on Web forums far and wide, as well as on the good old London Underground, and there’s even a Facebook app.

So, in theory, it’s ready for wider, more mainstream consumption. But how do you brand a free spirit, when normal rules don’t apply?

Will Rowe, Managing director, Rufus Leonard, by e-mail


Surely the joy of radio is that it doesn’t need bringing to life? Who needs to see the denizens of Ambridge trudging through the slurry on a website? The gentle listener can simply tune in to Radio 4 at 2pm (2am if they fancy, thanks to iPlayer), close their eyes and bring it all to glorious Technicolor life. Eddie Grundy’s sideburns will always look more luxuriant in your imagination than the BBC’s wardrobe department could afford.

Matt Baxter, Creative director, Together Design, by e-mail

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