Make It Clear brands Striding for Survival charity event

Make it Clear has created the branding, print and online campaign for Striding for Survival, a charity event which has been set up to fundraise for Pancreatic Cancer UK.

The 23 mile walk will take place in the Lake District next May.

The consultancy was appointed by organiser Rachael Rogan two months ago after previous work on print collateral for similar fundraising events.

Make it Clear was briefed to create a brand that would reflect the identity of Pancreatic Cancer UK, and was bold and recognisable.

Make it Clear strategic director Jay Nicholl says, ‘We didn’t want to spend time talking through the intricacies of [the event]. We wanted it to be recognisable, and used a fat striking font.’

The website, which launched this week, has been created to promote and give information about the event, and focuses on the stories of those affected by the disease.

Nicholl says, ‘We wanted to tell the story as quickly as possible and make registration as easy as possible.’

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