Global cinema chain underway

A London company is planning to develop an international chain of cinemas. This follows its recruitment of the former chairman and chief executive of United Artists Theater Circuit, claimed to be the largest movie theatre company in the world. UK designers could be in the running to help develop it.

Stewart Blair has been appointed as a director of Pacific Media and chief executive of a new subsidiary (whose name has not been revealed) which aims to “develop, build and operate” cinemas throughout the world outside North America.

It will seek local partners to provide market expertise but deal with design, construction and operation itself. The first cinema won’t open for at least a year. No designers have been appointed.

Meanwhile, RTKL has designed the Pepsi Imax Cinema due to open in London’s Trocadero in August. In addition to limited work on the auditorium, RTKL has designed a foyer and shop.

More rapid expansion by Virgin Cinemas will see an increased workload for Design Clinic, which is retained as designer. It has a wide brief, covering literature and the cinemas themselves.

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