Duo wants to be taken Seriously

Former Deepend founder Gary Lockton has joined forces with ex-Publicis Worldwide senior vice-president Joanna Baldwin to form digital communications consultancy Seriously.


Companies transformed into household names through graphic design is the focus of Challenging the Big Brands by Judith Evans and Cheryl Dangel Cullen. The book is published by Rockport, priced £29.99. The Dictionary of Graphic Design and Designers by Alan and Isabella Livingston is published by Thames & Hudson on 7 April, priced £8.95.

Elmwood gets Serious** with waste management

Elmwood has rebranded Midlands-based waste management service Enviro Tech as Serious**, as the company seeks to differentiate its offer and showcase its environmental credentials. The company, located in Burton upon Trent, serves both business and household customers who lack access to the conventional mains drains. Instead of relying on traditional and environmentally inefficient sceptic tanks, […]

Simmonds leaves Ford London

Fitch London managing partner Jane Simmonds (pictured) has left the company, it is believed without a job to go to, an apparent casualty of the three-into-one merger of the group with Cordiant Communications Group cousins BamberForsyth Fitch and PSD Fitch. Prior to the merger last November, Simmonds was chief executive officer of Fitch London, but […]

The last laugh

Once the subject of ridicule, car brand Skoda is currently enjoying a reversal of fortune under chief designer Thomas Ingenlath. Nargess Shahmanesh reports

Cog Design creates identity for Barbican’s X-Bloc Reunion festival

Cog Design has created an identity, leaflets, press advertising and microsite, www.barbican.org.uk/xbloc, for the Barbican’s X-Bloc Reunion festival. The festival is billed as a mix of ethnic and urban music from the former Eastern Bloc and the work takes its inspiration from Soviet era posters and reflects ‘the festival’s mix of old and new, traditional […]


Head down to the Britart SMS Art Auction between now and 12 April and bid for a piece of original art by texting your bid to a number displayed in the Selfridges’ store windows. The creative elements were designed by Poke. Venue: Selfridges, 400 Oxford Street, London W1.

Monsters We Met

Sabretooth tigers, woolly mammoths, Ripper lizards, the rhino-like Diprotodon and a giant bird called Genyornis are just some of the prehistoric creatures brought to life via CGI animation by BBC Post Production in a BBC2 series beginning next week. Monsters We Met aims to ‘recreate a lost world where people really did meet monsters’, says […]

The British Council’s Posh touring exhibition

The British Council’s Posh touring exhibition opens on Friday at the Tallinn Art House Gallery in Tallinn, Estonia, before travelling to Russia, Korea, Yugoslavia and Poland. Designed by Una (London) with illustrator Paul Slater and Stickland Coombe Architects, the show examines how Britain’s traditional and luxury brands are ‘coping with an increasingly egalitarian society’, and […]

Design Against Crime campaign

Blast is to create a brochure for the Design Council’s Design Against Crime campaign, which launches in June. The consultancy was appointed after a three-way pitch.

Work rated

Jim Davies finds out how a designer’s creative output is affected when a project has to work within a restricted budget Money may make the world go round, but it doesn’t necessarily produce great graphics. In fact, you could argue that the constraints of shoestring budgets often bring out the best in designers, encouraging lateral […]

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