All my inspiration comes as a response to experiencing things.

While experiences can be solitary – early fog, sun fluttering through a tree or a first arrival in New York City – my most moving experiences come from being on the same wavelength as someone else.

When a communication creates a surprising and passionate relationship with another mind, I get elated and inspired. It serves as an expansion of your own self and encourages you to look, hear, feel or think differently.

This is most often experienced through artistic expressions – art, architecture, music, food and movies – but once you learn to observe life like a fortune hunter at a flea market you can find inspiration just about anywhere and at any time.

Therefore, thank you to Richter, Coltrane, Mies, Miles, Marvin, Monk, Rineke, Kurosawa, Notwist, Ricky, Radiohead, Tape and Corbusier.

But also to you who last night splashed just the right amount of virgin olive oil on that beet salad so the finished plate became such a fantastic canvas.

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