Bumming about on the beach

Off on a jolly? Revelling in sea, sex and sun? Work trips should be real-life manifestations of the Bacardi commercial, with cocktails, parrots and uncreased white trousers all the way.

Except for Elmwood Design people, who actually work on work outings. This recent mission to the Middle East meant managing director Jonathan Sands (hankie on head) and his colleagues had to work six days running, from 7.30am to the wee small hours, in heat so strong the swimming pool needed chilling.

But they found time to lounge around in their suits on Chicago Beach in the United Arab Emirates, computer in tow. “We found the best export tactic was to sit by the beach bar,” says our cover boy Sands. “It was tough going, but I’m confident that the guy selling souvenir inflatable camels will come good with a design project.”

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