CSD starts professional development scheme

The Chartered Society of Designers has launched a new initiative aimed at encouraging designers to continue professional training throughout their careers.

This follows a two-year enquiry by the CSD, with support from the Department for Education, which tested the relevance of continuing professional development (CPD) to the design profession. The enquiry also explored CPD activity undertaken by designers.

“Designers keep abreast of

new developments through competitive need anyway,” says CSD director Brian Lymbery. “What the CSD initiative will do is lead and encourage members to continue professional training as an active commitment.”

The society now expects all its working members to undertake relevant programmes of CPD. The CSD council has introduced a guideline of a minimum of 30 hours of CPD work per member per year, supported by a CPD record of achievement.

However, there will be no points system or other rewards for those taking part in courses. “A points system would involve a considerable management resource,” says Lymbery. “We have no recourse to sanctions – a consultancy can still operate without being a member of the CSD,” he adds.

The society’s CPD plans include the introduction of a scheme for training providers, which will assess and endorse organisations as providing effective training for designers.

The society is to distribute CPD material – designed by Grundy Northedge – to all of its members, inviting them to “plan and pursue individual programmes”, says Lymbery. Regional workshops are also being organised to discuss the initiative and provide members with more information.

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