Seymour Powell makes airwaves

Industrial design consultancy Seymour Powell is the subject of a one-off Equinox programme for Channel Four . Just for a change – this consultancy is seemingly never off the airwaves. Why? “Because they design interesting products [cordless kettles, MZ Skorpion motorbikes], they win awards and they’re colourful characters”, according to the Equinox programme director Richard Burke, who adds hastily, “But that’s not why we picked them”.

Consultancy director Richard Seymour (right in photo) confirms that he and partner Dick Powell have “never been mistaken for John Major”.

He describes the filming as being “like having a vasectomy while you’re making love”. Two of his clients have actually consented to let the design process be filmed live, which is “very nerve-racking”, comments Seymour.

Keep an eye out for the programme, which is due to be shown in late autumn.

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