Star born for Edinburgh Festival

The Drambuie Edinburgh Film Festival starts next weekend, with an identity designed by the host city’s Shaw Marketing and Design.

A red star combines the festival’s title and the sponsor’s name. Shaw also designed stationery.

The consultancy is one of seven 1995 Champions Award winners selected by Lothian Education Business Partnership for fostering industry-education links.

Alongside fellow winners, who include Hewlett Packard and Scottish Power, Shaw is rewarded for its “outstanding contribution” to nurturing contact between education and industry.

Consultancy managing director John Shaw says: “We’re delighted. We believe the design community must create the opportunities to encourage school pupils and students and inform them about design’s role in industry today.”

The consultancy’s initiatives include regular school and student placements, school projects, sponsoring a college competition and membership of the steering committee for the Edinburgh City of Lifelong Learning Project.

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