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As C&FD director Adrianne LeMan says, there is no such thing as a perfect printer, in that the choice must depend on the job. The tables here give only an indication of the strengths of some of the top companies, which go towards their standing overall.

Most of the design groups questioned in the survey cite a positive attitude and good personality as things they are really looking for in a printer. Of course, that assumes a certain standard of technical expertise and reasonable pricing. But as technology advances and print results become more reliable generally, we can expect printers prepared to ‘partner’ designers in their approach to projects to shine through. Service is what tends to make the biggest difference.

1 1 Westerham Press
2= 4= Fernedge
2= 2= Fulmar
2= 4= LithoTech
2= Royle Corporate Print
4= The Colourhouse

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