Are you ready for Get Set

A hard day in the studio and the prospect of that hot date looms, but are your personal hygiene and grooming up to it? It’s a universal question vending company Stocking Up seeks to address by putting together vending packs containing useful items such as toothpaste and toothbrush or tights for sale through machines in office premises.

When the company decided to diversify to include products for men in the range – such as a wet shaving kit – it brought in product design group Factory Design to create packaging to reflect the quality of the goods on offer.

The result is a translucent blue box made from water-resistant, recyclable polypropylene. To keep production costs at a minimum, the same box is used for all the products on sale. And the boxes are folded from a flat sheet, which limits storage space requirements.

Factory also came up with Get Set as a name for the brand and devised simple graphics. The name appears in white out of orange on vending machines and is transparent on the packs.

According to Factory creative director Gavin Thomson, ‘Get Set has the qualities normally associated with retail purchase, encouraging repeated use and portability.’ So much so, that a high street retailer is already considering stocking the brand.

Client: Stocking Up

Design: Factory Design

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