Mixed metaphors can signify muddled thinking

Mr Turner mixes a cocktail of poor metaphors (DW 25 September). He compares groups demanding fee pitches with wise men who buy cars by first looking under the bonnet and kicking the tyres, rather than trusting the brand alone.

A more top of the range motoring metaphor would be the car customer who, faced with several excellent brands, demands to inspect other cars made by all the competing brands, interviews key staff, and then asks all of them to build him a customised model on the understanding that he will only pay for the one he likes.

And as for the mixed metaphor about designers trimming their sails rather than buying Rolls Royces on Skoda budgets, he really is sailing into stormy waters. We all know that companies embroiled in competitive pitches know that in order to stand a chance of success they have to arrive in Rolls Royce style rather than just pushing in a smoking Skoda. After all, no one wants to sink the Rolls Royce for a hapeth of oil, do they?

Of course clients should not buy on brand alone, but they should at least contribute something towards the selected design companies costs of pitching.

Free pitching is pure exploitation of an over-subscribed design industry by unscrupulous clients. Would these same clients even dream of contacting several legal firms with good track records and then ask them to do a couple of weeks’ legal work on the basis that they would only pay the company whose work they like?

Russell Stretton

Russell Stretton Creative Con sultancy

London NW1

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