The Brewery raises a glass to Museum of Scotland appointment

Following a six-way pitch National Museums of Scotland has appointed The Brewery to design and create a new Sports Gallery at the Museum of Scotland, located on Chambers Street in Edinburgh.

The gallery, due to open later this year, is the first stage of a long-term project undertaken by the Museum of Scotland, to create a Twentieth Century Gallery occupying its sixth floor.

According to Andy Myring, brand experience director at The Brewery, the Sports Gallery will be an ‘inspirational space’, displaying sporting memorabilia and a Scottish Sports Hall of Fame profiling 70 sporting heroes.

The Brewery is currently developing graphics, lighting, exhibition displays and interactive elements.

‘A lot of museums are passive spaces – we want to get visitors involved and excited about the space,’ Myring adds.

Stephen Richards, displays project manager at National Museums of Scotland, adds, ‘The Hall of Fame will provide a lasting tribute to the greatest Scottish sportsmen and women.’

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