Best of the Web is an online video magazine for contemporary culture. It contains a range of gallery visits and interviews with artists, including this post featuring Rob Ryan. Crane visits Ryan in his studio in London’s Bethnal Green, where he showcases his paper-cut artworks and screenprints.
The students at digital creative school Hyper Island were tasked with connecting a streetwear brand to music and art as part of an advanced interface design module. They produced this digital window installation, where passers-by control a virtual model in the window with a series of motion-tracking sensors.
Obviously, you would expect nothing less of a restaurant with two Michelin stars than to have a top-notch website. But we think Andrew Fairlie’s site is worth taking a look at just for its design and beautiful photography. The succulent close-ups of food invite you in, making you wish you were dining there.
We love the blog from Occupy, which was founded in 2003 and has cultivated its own place on the art scene. The site posts some fascinating artwork and prints on its blog each day, including illustrator Emily Forgot and Julia Randall’s Lick Line prints – a series of mouths floating in space, rendered in exacting detail.

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