Colour trip

Colour trip

If we had to choose a colour to represent happy childhood, yellow would be it. The sun, bananas, cornfields and buttercups are all redolent – or rather yellolent – of summer, and those long, sunny days gone by also benefit from the golden haze of nostalgia we paint them with.

In upcoming show Yellow, established food illustrator Emma Dibben will, in her piece Olive Oil, rouse the taste, texture and smell of salad days.

Dibben is part of The Jamaica Street Artists, a Bristol-based artists and illustrators’ collective embarking on the second leg of a three-part journey through the colours red, yellow and blue.

Yellow will also include a piece by illustrator Serena Curmi called Scarlet and Dog Dog. This warm work speaks singly of a sunny day spent merrily cycling through country lanes.

In mood and tone it couldn’t be further from the work of exhibitor Chris Wright, whose hyperactive illustrative piece Among Dreams typifies his noisy comic book-style.

Meet Sunshine Boy. A pallid, swollen creature with small bat wings and dangling limbs, Sunshine Boy is himself sucked of all colour, but floats across a glorious yellow sky created by artist Rose Sanderson from the torn cover of an old hardback.

The Jamaica Street Artists will turn their creative attention to moody, tranquil blue next, completing a year-long voyage through the primary colours.

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