Design and architecture should cross over

In response to Lynda Relph-Knight’s Comment last week (DW 27 January), I too am delighted to see design and architecture coming closer together. The two are more or less divided at birth in the UK, whereas traditionally there is a healthier cross-overon the Continent, where the badge ’architect’ opens far more 3D design doors than purely relating to buildings as it does here.

It is a natural progression, given that an increasing number of young architects – or people with architectural training of some sort – now go into digital design or the creation of services. It’s more about using three-dimensional thinking to the best effect and in a way appropriate to today’s job markets, rather than hanging on to the notion of a ’profession’ that owes its heritage to the master builder.

Whether or not the tentative deal between the Design Council and the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment goes far enough to bring the disciplines together remains to be seen. It might be better if the Royal Institute of British Architects were part of it, along with the Design Business Association.

But it is a move in the right direction and those of us who have straddled the two worlds for years welcome it wholeheartedly.

Frederick Jamieson, Freelance designer, by e-mail

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