Good branding needs to support change on a larger scale

Starbucks logo

Regarding the replies to my blog on the Starbucks rebrand (, 13 January), I don’t think I’ve missed that the company has had a great deal of change. Yep, I’ve seen that report too.

The thing is, while shares are up an impressive 35 per cent, this is largely attributed to closing shops (more than 900 of them) – and Starbucks chief executive Howard Schultz even took a pay-cut.

After two years of cost-cutting Starbucks plans growth, and it choses to start this growth by launching a… err… new logo? That seems a bit daft.

What I should have said is that a good rebrand leads with positive, demonstrable change – good stuff that people benefit from, and have the branding surround, support and communicate the good news. It’s great to see the debate continue here.

Simon Manchipp, by e-mail

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