A new generation of female designers is set to make a mark

Your piece last week (Comment, DW 13 December) has certainly created some debate here at Together.

Either women aren’t at the top in design because they don’t want to be (unlikely) or they encounter barriers that their male counterparts do not. Alternatively, they are there but don’t shout about it.

Perhaps they are lured into more client-facing positions? Into less visible freelance work that provides more flexibility? Or are they losing out in the fight for promotion?

Maybe all of these, but the historical image of graphic design as a male domain has exacerbated the problem. There has long been a stereotype of the male design guru, less ‘lad’ than ‘master’. But, surely a new generation of female designers is poised to make their mark.

Are we not reaching an exciting tipping point with the arrival of an ever greater number of female design heroes and spokespeople? We’re optimistic.

Emily Penny, Brand planner, Together Design, Great Titchfield Street, London W1

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  • Danica Wilson November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    It is absolutely the tipping point time for women in design. It’s about standing up and being counted as part of a massive industry, showcasing examples of females succeeding in design and telling the stories of how these women have and continue to make their mark.

    We would like to hear from women in the design industry and help to raise this awareness and encourage more young people, particularly females, to consider a creative and enterprising future in the design industry.

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