Right tracks for Railtrack

Given that many of the non-institutional investors who hold shares in Railtrack are also railway enthusiasts, Stocks Austin Sice appears to be on the right lines with its design of

New cultural strategy required

Arts minister Mark Fisher indicated the Government’s commitment to design in a speech at the Royal College of Art last week. “We aim to be a Government with a cultural

Find out what your floor says about you

New research by DuPont and carpet tile manufacturer Interface claims that flooring types give a clue about the personality of the owners. At Wolff Olins, the new management’s carpet tiles

Getting down to real business

A conference in Halifax last week gathered key members of the design community together to discuss the future of the industry and its representation. Lynda Relph-Knight discusses a few of

Vignettes of Vignelli

As the US celebrates Independence Day, Clare Dowdy charts the illustrious career of the Vignellis and, overleaf, examines just how hard it is for Europeans to crack today’s US market.

National Savings

Government agency National Savings is to undertake a wide-ranging review into the selling and marketing of its products, which include Premium Bonds. The results may include raising the profile of

Magnetic look for Shellys

Footwear chain Shellys is installing new interiors developed by Metropolis 88 at its Leeds store. The consultancy is also developing point-of-sale material. Shellys approaches store design on an individual basis.

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