British Airways new identity is moving stuff

Lynda Relph-Knight’s appreciation of the new British Airways identity tends to show exactly why so many of us in business, where design and identity are vital, become impatient with design professionals.

The British Airways world requires excellence in service across an international spectrum. The new “speedmarque” is a major step forward. It carries all the tradition of UK in colour, all the joy of British entrepreneurship that still lurks in its development from the great Speedbird. But it has all the softer qualities of the caring Nineties that carry us into the wide-eyed exploration of the next century.

If the totality of the design and the logo has one endearing quality it is that it brings people and service and a changing world into one vision. That vision brought a tear to the eye of this very cynical old business traveller.

Rod Hoare


Heathrow Express

Hounslow TW6 2QS

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