Cadbury calls for pack action

Cadbury Schweppes chairman Sir Dominic Cadbury told diners at the Institute of Packaging’s Starpack awards last week that the UK packaging industry had yet to achieve “world class”.

Sir Dominic allowed himself to muse over the changes of the last 50 years, reflecting on a “drab customer scene”, where choice was limited, Crunchie wrappers failed to seal, and customers had to make do with hollow, dried-out chocolate bars.

Now, with greater choice he said, “the consumer rules and packaging has become centre stage as manufacturers search for a competitive edge on marketing”.

He praised packaging’s role in reinforcing brand identity but told the diners that it did not go far enough. “The global market is a reality. We have to achieve world class standards to survive,” he said.

Sir Dominic praised the work of the award winners who included Tutssels and Pentagram but called for a national effort to improve training skills and management to help close the gap with global competitors.

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