Find out what your floor says about you

New research by DuPont and carpet tile manufacturer Interface claims that flooring types give a clue about the personality of the owners.

At Wolff Olins, the new management’s carpet tiles show they have a “jolly, vivacious, lively” personality – a bit like Ruby Wax. Colin Porter at Coley Porter Bell will be delighted to hear his stone floors suggest a “unique, revered, masculine” image.

And Rodney Fitch proves he is more than capable of keeping up appearances as his carpet-laden reception is “warm, traditional, status conscious” and reminiscent of upper-class wannabe character Hyacinth Bucket.

Unfortunately, the survey did not cover wood – the floor choice at Minale Tattersfield, so the personality traits of Marcello Minale remain a mystery. “Wood?” said DuPont. “No we didn’t ask about wood. He’s probably a typical Italian – they always have to be different.”

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