Sadness at the CSD’s plans for an alternative bureaucracy

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I went to a very antiseptic AGM at the Chartered Society of Designers last week.

I heard great news of a potentially good deal struck with the CSD’s Bankers. I received some cogent information on a future strategy and I heard a group of formally attired people talk of the “business” of the society.

A lot of what we heard has been said before on relevance, inclusivity and change. Change is no bad thing. It is a pity though that this vibrant, exciting and accomplished British design fraternity is offered change in the form of an alternative bureaucracy whose principal offer – a professional standard – is to be just part of a series of offers to members. Calls for links with education and the ratification of courses were considered only as part of the society’s great palette of members’ services.

I maintain that the society must begin to achieve respect as a monitor of professional quality before it can offer “products” to its members. A trade organisation it is not. Links with education are fundamental and should be addressed urgently. More student members, however expensive, are equally important. Designers must form the basis of the membership.

I have my doubts that the new strategy offered by the society’s officers has anything in it to make the affix more attractive or necessary in a professional designer’s life. I am sad.

David Pocknell

Pocknell Studio

Essex CM7 4DH

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