Wagstaffs picks up Green House

Wagstaffs has acquired The Green House, with Green House founders Judi and Brian Green becoming associate directors at the now 50-strong consultancy. Wagstaffs is believed to still be on the acquisition trail.

Officially, the deal is being termed a “joining of forces”, but it is understood that it is a takeover by Wagstaffs of The Green House.

Wagstaffs managing director Steve Puxley declines to reveal financial details of the deal, but he says The Green House’s three other staff will move with Judi and Brian Green to Wagstaffs’ offices next weekend.

The graphics and packaging consultancy was formed in the early 1980s and as recently as 1995 had 11 staff.

Puxley says: “We have searched long and hard to find a company with the track record and future which would fit with the Wagstaffs philosophy of quality in strategic thinking, design excellence and client service.”

He adds: “We are acquiring a set of skills which in the marketplace at the moment there seems to be a big lack of.”

Puxley hints at further expansion by Wagstaffs but declines to reveal any specific targets.

Judi Green says that although it is sad to see the end of The Green House name, the “very exciting” move is a chance to “make some waves”.

She says several other potential purchasers had looked at the consultancy over recent months.

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