86 ways to stay ‘fuzzy’ and out of Arm’s way

More stuff from 86 the Onions, our culture surfin’, brand consultin’ Californian friends (Diary, DW 12 June). They’ve done a so-lo-fi-it’s-black-‘n’-white magazine (sorry, ‘zine) entitled Bionic Arm.

It includes some dot matrix pictures of animals, a gay line-dancing photoshoot, handy hints on blagging CDs, Dubya/Saddam penis jokes and a brand strategy wordsearch.

Best of all, though, is the ‘one size fits all, reader apathy offer’ – ‘Do you dream of a world without war, famine or injustice? Want to feel warm and fuzzy inside ALL the time? Well, with new MyOwnLittle-World™ media deprivation pullovers you can.’ Sound familiar? We thought so.

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