Lighting Design goes aerial

There’s a luminous UFO suspended over Gdansk, and a beam of light rises from the BBC in London – what’s going on? Clare Dowdy goes skygazing with three lighting designers to solve the mysteries of their striking new installationsThis summer, architects, artists and light designers have turned their attention to the night sky. Three of […]

Supreme Court seeks exhibition group

The Ministry of Justice is on the hunt for a design group to create a permanent exhibition at the site of a newly restructured United Kingdom Supreme Court on London’s Parliament Square, due to open to the public in October 2009.The £80 000 commission, managed by Ministry of Justice’s Supreme Court Implementation Programme, will draw […]

Spray it on thick

You know you’re a graphic designer when your first instinct is Ctrl-Alt-Z. As a writer, I know when I’ve been working too hard because I start playing a game whereby I think if I can save letters from a word I am deleting, and use them in the replacement word, then I am somehow doing […]

Getting in with youth culture

The world of brand communication has embarked on a period of rapid change. The conventional advertising ‘one to many’ broadcast model is being replaced by a ‘many to many’ informal process, where the dialogue between brand and consumers is being controlle

Put people before cars, then London will be a better city

Last week you asked how London could become a better city to live in than Copenhagen (Voxpop, DW 26 June). Copenhagen has had a 20-year programme to improve public spaces and the relationship between cars and other street users. London must put cars at the bottom of the pecking order, with pedestrians and cyclists at […]


Will Alsop’s Public Gallery, which opens this month, allows visitors to experience visual art noisily. As museums evolve from being quiet places of contemplation, what types of spaces do you imagine designers will be creating for the museum-going public in the future? In the competitive world of visitor attractions, museums are getting more inventive in […]

The final frontier for health warnings – the ‘iconic’ cigarette

We enjoyed your article on cigarette pack warnings (Voxpop, DW 19 June). A while back, we did a quick thought exercise on how such warnings might be changed so they had some effect. We concluded, broadly agreeing with your Voxpop contributors, that any changes might simply make cigarettes cooler. Three ideas, though, did seem to […]

The revolutionary spirit of 1968 is alive and well

Your article ‘The medium is the message’ (News Analysis, DW 1 May) posed the question ‘Where are today’s equivalents of the graphic expression of revolutionary spirit last seen in 1968?’. I would put forward for consideration our poster for the Cluster Munition Coalition. As a designer, I am passionate about work that carries a message. […]

Handy excuse for TV gaff – blame it all on a graphic designer

While reporting on the Euro 2008 semi-final football match between Germany and Turkey, the Tagesthemen news programme on German channel ARD, which is broadly comparable to BBC One, showed the wrong German flag for 23 seconds, according to Der Spiegel magazine. The black-red-gold flag was represented as red-black-gold, and the culprit was soon found – […]

Inspired, David Revell – Independant design director

These aren’t just any old postcards, these are John Hinde postcards. I have a collection of hundreds of them, compiled through many trips to the seaside, beauty spots, visitor attractions and monuments. They are easy to identify on postcard carousels because of the exaggerated colours, the compositional structure and the cardboard poses of the people […]

Talking a good game

Glass ceilings are shattering across the UK, but graphic design is resolutely male. Maybe it’s because women are rubbish at bullshitting, says Adrian Shaughnessy Why aren’t more women designers in prominent positions in the UK graphic design scene? Whichever way you look at it, graphic design is a depressingly male business. You have to go […]

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