Lighting Design goes aerial

There’s a luminous UFO suspended over Gdansk, and a beam of light rises from the BBC in London – what’s going on? Clare Dowdy goes skygazing with three lighting designers

Spray it on thick

You know you’re a graphic designer when your first instinct is Ctrl-Alt-Z. As a writer, I know when I’ve been working too hard because I start playing a game whereby

Getting in with youth culture

The world of brand communication has embarked on a period of rapid change. The conventional advertising ‘one to many’ broadcast model is being replaced by a ‘many to many’ informal


Will Alsop’s Public Gallery, which opens this month, allows visitors to experience visual art noisily. As museums evolve from being quiet places of contemplation, what types of spaces do you

Talking a good game

Glass ceilings are shattering across the UK, but graphic design is resolutely male. Maybe it’s because women are rubbish at bullshitting, says Adrian Shaughnessy Why aren’t more women designers in

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