Twelve Stars rebrands Garcia Baquero Spanish cheeses

Twelve Stars has designed new branding and packaging for the Spanish cheese brand Garcia Baquero.

Garcia Baquero briefed the consultancy to redefine the brand, emphasising its established market position in Spain in the face of new national and international competitors.

It hopes that the new branding will allow it to introduce more innovative products and extend its customer base, while retaining its core identity as an established cheese producer. Twelve Stars has responded by creating a ‘renewing our traditions’ corporate message.

‘We identified valuable corporate assets and capabilities that could be used for the transformation and relaunch,’ says Twelve Stars chief executive Nicolas De Santis.

‘These helped us to create a more powerful message that would distinguish Garcia Baquero from its more traditional competitors.’

Garcia Baquero marketing director Lourdes Jiménez says, ‘We had an old-fashioned image that did not correspond with our identity, but now it is being repositioned for the future.’

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