Hippies restore the peace at book ‘bash’

Sustaining physical injuries at book readings must be a relatively rare occurrence. But cuts and bruises were suffered by literature fans at the launch of author CJ Stone’s book in London last week.

Publisher Faber and Faber had chosen the back room of Amwell Road pub Filthy McNasties for the book’s launch. But the organisers had obviously not counted on a group of local yoofs, who decided to improve the room’s ventilation by throwing chairs through the windows.

After launching a barrage of beer glasses at the audience, that is.

The seemingly motiveless attack left at least one audience member badly bloodied, while DW’s correspondent, there to check out Faber’s latest cover designs, bravely shielded others from harm by blocking a flying ashtray with the back of his head.

The incident provided a scene worthy of inclusion in Stone’s book. Several characters from the non-fiction tale of hippies and communes had attended the launch, leading to the appealing sight of a fully clothed druid named King Arthur Pendragon helping to eject the rowdies.

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