Popping the question to a million people can’t be a bad move

Damian Schogger’s article (DW 21 May) seems to have missed two crucial points about the whole Coco Pops affair.

First, the fantastic amount of media coverage generated at negligible cost.

Second and, if anything, more important, the whole exercise’s superb illustration of how to actually achieve that holiest of holy grails – building a relationship with the consumer.

One million people took part. One million people engaged in a dialogue with the company. And now one million people will get a little frisson of pride every time they see Coco Pops on a supermarket shelf, because they contributed to that.

“It could now appear that Kellogg’s momentous decision will prove to be a one-off among corporate giants,” concludes the Design Week article.

Only if “corporate giants” are too dumb to recognise a golden goose when they see one.

Alan Paterson


London WC2

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