Interest prospects with compelling direct mail

I have written several successful direct mail pieces for a leading consultancy, and can assure you direct mail is, in fact, a highly effective form of lead generation if used correctly (Private View, DW 6 May). Co-ordinate it with professionally executed follow-up calls and you can get superb results.

Beyond targeting the mailing at a named decision-maker, you need a compelling proposition and to communicate it persuasively, answering all the objections a prospective client may have to meeting you. Convince prospective clients how your approach to design will bring benefits, and they will be interested.

Figuring out this proposition is hard and most consultancies cop out and fall back on unfocused ideas or showcasing work. Such approaches may look good, but they are wasteful as they don’t present an argument for meeting. Groups shouldn’t be surprised if clients put them straight in the bin.

Barnaby Benson


London SW2

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