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As the Oscars and Design Week Awards roll into town, gong season is upon us again. If you could create a unique award what would it be for and who, or what, would you nominate?

‘The International Pointless Must-Haves awards. The nominees: from Japan, silicon implants for office ergonomics (www.chestrest.com); from Germany, Berlin kebab shop trump cards, featuring distance from the centre of Istanbul (www.doenerberlin.de); from the US, the stolen property ghetto game, complete with multi-million dollar law suit (www.ghettopoly.com). And the winner is Doner Berlin – Congratulations!’

Sam Buxton, Product designer

‘With that other award ceremony possibly happening in May or June, I suggest an award for the party that has a view or a policy aimed at the design industry. But there would be no nominations, let alone a winner. I suppose we could have a beauty contest that Tony Blair would win by default, but with so little difference, I think I might make my decision for the winner of the No 10 gong based on which is my favourite colour.’

John Harvey, Founder, Din Associates

‘At a time when so much TV is dedicated to design and architecture through limp, pretentious patronising programmes, there is a need to raise the quality of what can be such a rich, compelling subject matter. I suggest a (retrospective) award, Best Architecture/Design on TV, to Dan Cruickshank for his timely review of Iraq’s heritage in 2003.’

Peter Higgins, Creative director, Landesign

‘The Rip-Off award, created by clients for the biggest and best unpaid pitch and presented in a darkened room and attended by people who know they shouldn’t really be there but… well, they thought it might be worth it in the long run. Judges will look for “High investment in time, materials and intellectual content with no reward”. Awards may be presented on the night. Nominees? – I am sure you all know who you are.’

Adrian Berry, Director, Factory Design

‘Greatest Obsessions – as our newspapers become obsessed on our behalf. The nominees, are: obesity; the Olympic bid; terrorism; Pot Noodle; Camilla Parker-Bowles; Cancer; George Bush or Ken Livingstone; Botox; the Top 100 best…; and, of course, celebrities. Whatever happened to the good things in life?’

Jim Thompson, Managing director, 20/20

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