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If proof were needed that design can make life better it is there in spades in a host of initiatives from the likes of the Design Council and social enterprises bent on fostering co-creation. But it is good to see pure design also getting recognition, often in unlikely places. You can image the pleasant surprise […]

Adrian Shaughnessy

Where is the verve?

Is it possible to combine design flair with technical nous? asks Adrian Shaughnessy. Even the media-savvy Swedes struggle to pull it off, he finds, on a visit to Stockholm’s Hyper Island

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http://tinyurl.com/5rn7llcThe London Undergound map has had several incarnations, but have you ever wondered what it would look like as The Grid from the film Tron Legacy? Well, look no further. The 3D blockbuster film from 2010 has inspired a new, neon version of the Underground map, created by Iamclu. http://vimeo.com/9184674We came across this short video, […]

James Leal-Valias

Time to take stock and be more efficient

The famous investor and fund manager George Soros recently told the World Economic Forum in Davos that the UK is at risk of going back into another recession. However, as an innovative sector with the resourcefulness to adapt and change, the design industry already fully understands the need to operate efficiently. It is adept at […]

Jonathan Hubbard

Design over substance gives us food for thought

In light of celebrity chefs extending their brands into new territories, and both James Martin and Heston Blumenthal opening new restaurants, while I love cooking almost as much as I love designing, that’s where the similarities end (Voxpop, DW 24 February). I think the mix of design and food is messy. Nouvelle cuisine, that was […]


I would feature the renowned conductor Daniel Barenboim. Last month he won the Dresden Peace Prize in recognition of attempts at preventing or defusing conflicts between states or peoples, recognising his work with the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra. He is a living legend who has demonstrated time and again ’the transformative power of music’.Alex Wood, Co-founder, […]

Rok Predin

Profile: Rok Predin

Director Rok Predin brings a different visual dialect and new style of film-making to Trunk Animation Studio. Filled with magic, folklore and rich imagery, his new short Winter Poem has just come out. Garrick Webster finds out more


Brands new

As the economic downturn bit, price-conscious shoppers turned to supermarket retailers’ own-label lines. But brands are fighting back by restating their core values. Both sides in this battle for market share offer opportunities for packaging designers, notes David Benady

Sindoh’s M401 printer

Virtual reality bites

The use of computer simulations at the product development stage provides designers with a valuable and flexible tool. Emily Pacey looks at the benefits of creating digital models to visualise designs

Thank you for the Days

Robin and Lucienne Day are arguably post-war Britain’s most influential design partnership, a husband and wife team who led the fields of furniture and pattern design from their shared studio in London’s Chelsea for 50 years. A new retrospective attempts to demonstrate the couple’s creative vision of how contemporary design could help to improve the […]

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