Stocks Taylor Benson in global Speedo packaging work


Leicestershire-based consultancy Stocks Taylor Benson has created new packaging for Speedo’s Training Aids 2011 collection.

The range comprises products such as paddles and kick-boards, designed to help swimmers of all abilities improve their health and fitness.

STB managing director Joe Bakowski says, ’These sorts of products are mainstream in Europe but have been pretty peripheral in the UK. The aim of the relaunch is to get the products into the likes of John Lewis. To give it more general appeal, we had to make the packaging credible and explain exactly what [the product] does.’

The new packaging uses infographics which demonstrate which muscles the products will benefit. Bakowski says STB was briefed not to use plastic for the packaging and card has been used throughout. A banding system allows larger products to be seen and touched by the customer.

The range has also been segmented into ’performance’ and ’health and fitness’ categories, which are demarcated through the use of colour.

Bakowski says the consultancy was appointed to the work in October 2009, following a pitch.

The new packaging is set to roll out internationally this week.

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