First Great Western rolls out enhanced food offers

Train operator First Great Western is rolling out two on-board dining concepts and relaunching Pullman, its fine dining service, by autumn.

Refresca is a branded on-board café, which launches in autumn and features soup, sushi, salads and sandwiches.

Interbrand developed the name and branding for the concept, which will be carried on all 41 trains in the fleet.

The Nest, which commanded a five-figure fee for all its work, has developed the interiors and graphics for Refresca.

Graphics will be applied to menus, price lists and promotional material.

The Nest has also redesigned the identity and graphics for Pullman, which will be introduced on eight trains from July.

The third offer, Travelling Chef, a service featuring an on-board chef who prepares food, such as filled baguettes and Italian melts to order, has had a soft launch on two trains.

The concept will have a full launch in June and will appear on all trains that do not offer the Pullman service.

The Nest has branded the Travelling Chef concept, created its graphics and developed promotional material, which will be used on-board and at stations and ticket offices to promote the service.

The group has also designed packaging for Travelling Chef products.

The Nest managing director Alex Willcock says, “First Great Western wanted to totally revamp its whole food offering to get a point of difference for the brand.”

Finally, The Nest has created new toilet and vestibule designs, which will appear on all trains.

According to Willcock, there was “no formal pitch” for the project, though creative work and credentials were presented.

Meanwhile, First Great Western is readying itself for the launch of a fleet of 14 high-speed trains in the summer. Branding and livery design for the new fleet has been created by Lawrence & Pierce.

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