An ace café, with quite a rubbish bank attached

What a fantastic idea – coffee shops in high street banks (DW 15 March). However, it would be nice to think Abbey and its high street rivals could get some of the basics right first.

Aside from the fact that transferring my account to Abbey was a nightmare (the £40 inducement to transfer didn’t even come close to compensating for the hassle), the process of advising a change of address was tedious.

I tried NatWest, where I had to fill in a form by hand, and it was unable to confirm that both my credit cards would be transferred to my new address; C&G, where again I had to complete a form by hand; the aforementioned Abbey, where, having queued twice, I had to fill in a badly photocopied form by hand; and Halifax, where – hallelujah – a very pleasant assistant escorted me to a computer and changed my details within seconds.

Come on, Abbey, C&G and NatWest, you should be ashamed. My only quibble with Halifax? No coffee shop…

Martin Campion, Product manager, Direct Wines, Theale RG7 4PL

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  • J Irish November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Mr Champion makes another excellent point.

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